Founded in 1998, by Mr Samir Aissaoui, Issatex International is one of the references of the textile industry in Tunisia.

It is a fully exporting textile manufacturing company based in Sahline (Monastir governorate).

Demonstrating technical virtuosity since its creation, Issatex International has won the trust of many famous international brands. In fact, brands like Tommy, Garnier Thiebaut, Descamps, Jalla, Denants, Secret Garden ..., confide their productions to Issatex International.

Issatex International: A booming business:

Present for more than 19 years on the sector of the textile industry in Tunisia, Issatex International benefits from its great expertise to maintain its development.

Facing a fierce competition, Issatex International has developed a winning strategy of differentiation thanks to its technological and human resources.

In fact, Issatex International is today able to meet the most demanding expectations in terms of: cost, deadline and quality on all products and services it offers.

High-end products and services:

Considered as a reference in the manufacture of household linen ( bed sheets, duvet covers, tablecloths, towels, pillowcases ...), Issatex International assures the entire tailoring chain by performing a wide range of personalized services starting with the reception and the cutting and ending with the storage and / or shipping. These services are offered in total agreement with the most demanding customer expectations.

The customer is at the heart of Issatex International's strategy:

Issatex International is well aware that the fact of knowing the specificities of its customers allows to serve them well which generates a total satisfaction. In fact, it is the secret of customer loyalty, something Issatex International has been able to acquire through its personalized products and services that take into account the smallest details requested by customers.

An approach to optimize service deadlines:

For the sake of differentiation, Issatex International adopts an approach of maximum optimization of the deadlines of its services. Thus, customers will be served in a record time without affecting the quality of the service. This approach is the result of the continuous effort provided by the various departments of Issatex International, to stand out from the heavy competition.



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